chrome:// vs vivaldi:// conflict in address bar

  • Chromium 59 brought up the new Material Design (Blue) settings page.
    So, this happen since Vivaldi start based on version 59.x.x.

    Example address;
    I have a bookmark with address chrome://settings/passwords with same title.

    If I type (say) password in Address Bar, Vivaldi will automatically fix the address to vivaldi://settings/passwords, which leads to no where. I could see the address obviously changed in Address Bar drop down.

    What's work:
    Quick Command instead, done it right. Probably because it's capability rather limited or different, it doesn't change chrome:// to vivaldi://. It's a "right" bug?

    Manually typing chrome://settings/passwords also work.


    1. Use Quick Command to call any chrome://* bookmarks.
    2. Bookmarked like vivaldi://chrome/settings/passwords instead.
      This brought up older Chromium page with export/import if we enable it. Export/import confirmed got kicked out in new Material Design page.

    I do have questions;
    Is Vivaldi will use older settings look or New Material Design look?
    Or, probably there's a plan to make personal Setting Page like neighbor browser? I don't remember people ask for it.

  • All settings should probably end up on one coherent page in the end. The use of chrome settings is just an inconvenient workaround for the time being.

  • And probably will be used material design.
    Knowing google, they'll drop the legacy interface when MD will be fully working 😛

  • There's also a conflict here:
    chrome://about and vivaldi://about go to different pages, but when they are loaded they both display as vivaldi://about
    And then there's also this page: chrome://settings/help/ which shows "about vivaldi" info.

  • It might actually be a great improvement if V didn't automatically change chrome:// prefixes to vivaldi:// as long as the two pages are not really identical...


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