Tab click area

  • Right now there is an area on top of tabs bar that is used to drag the window.
    It is there even when window is maximized.
    This area makes it much harder to click on the tab.

    In both Chrome and Firefox, you just have aim mouse horizontally, then go to up all the way up and click. In Vivaldi you also have to aim vertically (or go all the way up and then a bit down).

    The regular solution is to hide this area when window is maximized and show it otherwise. This way it's easy to click on tabs when window is maximized and it's possible to drag the window when it's not.

    Another alternative is to make that area sensitive to clicks, but then there is a problem with dragging when windows is not maximized. It's possible to make this area sensitive when windows is maximized and draggable when it's not, but I'd say that's an inconsistent design.

    Suggestion: follow Chrome and Firefox and hide this "dragging area" when window is maximized. Ensure that tabs can be clicked on when mouse is on top of the window.

  • This area is needed for stacked tabs indicators.

  • Moderator

    @vflashm Under settings/tabs/tab display, what's the status of your "Remove tab spacing in maximized windows" setting?

  • @Ayespy Thank you! That's exactly what I meant. How could I miss it?..


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