Can't log in at

  • Can anyone log in to the comments section at this site? Here's an example page:

    You don't have to actually log in. Just tell me if a log in dialog or page comes up. I've tried this even in a default user profile, where at least the Login button isn't grayed out, as it is in my normal profile, and nothing happens at all.


  • @paul1149
    When I hit Login near Register button (above weather report), I got this

    When I hit Sign in,

    Register button give a rather different entry, but relatively same with 2nd screenshot.

  • @dLeon Ok. Thanks. That did get me logged in. What wasn't working was the Login button directly above the comments. And now that I'm logged in from the link at the page top, that button isn't there to test.

    The button didn't work in three browsers, and logging in just now was very difficult. I think the site has problems, and they're probably not V related.


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