stuck hidden (x) tab close

  • When going from a web page to a left tab, the (x) closure icon does NOT show in Vivaldi 1.9.818.50.
    I have to hover back onto the page then come back to the tab, then the (x) icon appears an I can close it.
    To recreate the issue I must click on the page, then go to to the tab --> the problem appears.

    In the below capture, I went from the page and hover to the tab thumbnail, the (x) does not show:

  • I can confirm this, the same problem occurs in the latest snapshot, doesn't matter if you have your tabs left or right.
    I guess you can go ahead and submit a bugreport.

    As a temporary workaround until it's fixed, you could disable the close button and enable "close tab on double click" instead. If you can live with that.

  • Vivaldi Team

    Hi, once the tab reaches a certain width the x stops showing on hover, and focus will have to be on the tab for it to show, I'm on w10, so there might be some difference in how it acts compared to mac, but atleast for me, I see no issue, I'll bring this up internally atleast, and we can check this out further.

  • Yeah, but why doesn't it get focus the first time you hover? The second time you hover it is apparently in focus and the close button appears. That's a bit incoherent.

  • Vivaldi Team

    @luetage For me it never shows on hover unless I actually click the tab, the fact that you see it on second hover might actually be a bug then, I missed that in the earlier comments


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