Search in the page - fake fings

  • Some searches within a page show "finds" but some are fake and cannot be found a anywhere even after a visual check.

    For example, in the below I searched for "bug", the elevator scroll bar on the right shows a finding by mid-page, but that is not highligted in the page and cannot be found visually.


  • @souliouz
    It's reproduce able here in Linux.

    I also try to use Vimium search (/), and it also find one "bug" word match.
    Testing in Opera current Stable & Google Chrome Beta 60 also produce same result.
    Probably Chromium issue.

    From where that "bug" come from?
    If I open the page source, currently I find 19 "bug" word match.

  • Moderator

    @dLeon "Find in Page" is getting a match for "bug" from the (entire) text of posts that are only partially visible on the right hand side. It's easy to see what's going when you inspect using Dev Tools, but I'd say it's a bug because ideally it should either only produce a match for text that's actually visible on the rendered page, like Firefox, or allow you see the matched text, like Safari.

    Correction: Firefox does match non-visible text but clearly indicates that the match occurred outside the visible margin.

  • @xyzzy
    I see.
    So, I was right it's Chromium issue. It also re-produce able in other Chromium based browser I just download.

    Thanks for the info.

  • Moderator

    @dLeon I'll file a bug report, in case it's something that the Vivaldi devs can fix.

  • @xyzzy
    Seem it since long time. That other Chromium browser I mentioned still use Chromium 57.

  • Moderator

    Bug filed: VB-29216 -- "Find in Page" matches text that's not visible on rendered page

  • @xyzzy
    Thank you.

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