Remember zoom level

  • On certain pages, I zoom in quite a bit to see the writing easier and not squint my eyes.

    For example, on Chrome if I go to a novel page and zoom in 125% if I close the page or even chrome it'll remember the zoom level and stay like that forever unless I change it.

    On chrome, it saves the zoom level on the entire domain but It'd be really nice if we had the option to choose between specific pages and domains.

    I wouldn't mind if we had it exactly like chrome since I use this feature a lot and I really miss it.

  • @Jiggly Have you played with this setting? Does it help at all?


  • @Steffie

    Yes, I have and it doesn't do it.

  • @Jiggly
    I think that's a known issue, zoom level not saved.

    I believe that "Use Tab Zoom" literally mean "Retain zoom in this tab" and only effect Vivaldi tab. Chromium original Zoom Level (we could see in "Site Settings") never touched.

  • I would really like to see this feature as well. I have a 4k screen and I use interface zoom to a certain point and this is nice because I can maximize screen real estate, but sometimes on certain website you want a 130% zoom for perfect window fit for things like say YouTube, but on other web pages you want a 150% zoom so you can read easier. If Vivaldi managed to save zoom levels based on domain then this would a very nice feature to have. I looked for an extension that does this and none exist.

  • @goddard Completely agree. A search for this issue brought me to this thread. Just wanted to chime in to say the ability to remember the zoom level for a domain would be greatly appreciated.

  • Save Open Tabs as a Session will also save the zoom level for each tab.

  • @pesala In other words, if I want to save a certain site to lets say '80% zoom' I would have to open an old saved session from when I happened to have visited that specific site and have changed the zoom level instead of just going to the site randomly when I want to and having the info already saved? convenient...

    I really hope there is an actual feature to save page settings via website here in the near future bc saving sessions just for preferred zoom levels seems a bit much.

  • @d3f4ult For now, using a session is the only way to save the zoom level on particular sites/pages.

    Vote for Save Zoom Level for Each Domain

    If you add this link as a web panel you can easily search for other feature requests simply by changing the search string from "Zoom" to any other term. Enclose more than one word in quotes to search for a precise phrase.

  • @d3f4ult if you want this behaviour for all sites use the setting @steffie suggested.
    @jiggly To sync up multiple pages a browser restart (where you lose tab zoom settings) is required.

    Suggestions for mixing both modes without confusing most users welcome.

  • @Steffie Worked for me on snapshot 2.4.1462.4 (Official Build) (64-bit) standalone. Thank you.


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