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  • On certain pages, I zoom in quite a bit to see the writing easier and not squint my eyes.

    For example, on Chrome if I go to a novel page and zoom in 125% if I close the page or even chrome it'll remember the zoom level and stay like that forever unless I change it.

    On chrome, it saves the zoom level on the entire domain but It'd be really nice if we had the option to choose between specific pages and domains.

    I wouldn't mind if we had it exactly like chrome since I use this feature a lot and I really miss it.

  • @Jiggly Have you played with this setting? Does it help at all?


  • @Steffie

    Yes, I have and it doesn't do it.

  • @Jiggly
    I think that's a known issue, zoom level not saved.

    I believe that "Use Tab Zoom" literally mean "Retain zoom in this tab" and only effect Vivaldi tab. Chromium original Zoom Level (we could see in "Site Settings") never touched.

  • I would really like to see this feature as well. I have a 4k screen and I use interface zoom to a certain point and this is nice because I can maximize screen real estate, but sometimes on certain website you want a 130% zoom for perfect window fit for things like say YouTube, but on other web pages you want a 150% zoom so you can read easier. If Vivaldi managed to save zoom levels based on domain then this would a very nice feature to have. I looked for an extension that does this and none exist.

  • @goddard Completely agree. A search for this issue brought me to this thread. Just wanted to chime in to say the ability to remember the zoom level for a domain would be greatly appreciated.

  • Moderator

    Save Open Tabs as a Session will also save the zoom level for each tab.

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