[SOLVED] Sound suddenly stopped working (64-bit Linux)

  • UPDATE: Thanks for all the responses! The nature of the problem turned out to be a bit different than I thought, and I didn't have time to deal with it for a couple of weeks. Anyway, I discovered that:

    1. The problem was not specific to Vivaldi after all; and

    2. My system had a disease. I just needed to uninstall PulseAudio (for about the 90th time). My audio is fine now (until the next time that piece of garbage sneaks onto my system).

    Thanks again, and remember: friends don't let friends use PulseAudio!

    vvv ORIGINAL POST vvv

    Hi. I am running Vivaldi 1.7.735.46-1* on 64-bit Arch Linux; I use straight ALSA for audio (I'm firmly in the "Death to PulseAudio" camp ;-) ).

    [* Yes, I know that version is a bit out of date; I am planning to upgrade, but can't do it immediately, for reasons that are probably not relevant to this discussion]

    Yesterday Vivaldi stopped playing sound. I'm pretty sure it is specifically an audio issue, not video: I can still watch videos, I just can't hear them. I also just now checked SoundCloud, Beatport, and an internet radio station that I sometimes listen to, and can't get any sound on those sites either.

    As far as I can tell, Vivaldi is the only program affected; sound still works fine in Firefox and various desktop programs.

    The circumstances surrounding the loss of sound? I don't know. I had not upgraded any software packages for at least a couple of weeks, and have not tweaked my ALSA config for several months. Nor have I changed any hardware components lately. The one thing I noticed was that I had a lot of tabs open, and Vivaldi was becoming sluggish ... and eventually it maxed out my RAM and froze the whole system (BTW, is there a way to prevent that? There's nothing I hate more then having to cut the power when the hard drive is thrashing). But the loss of sound happened at least half an hour before the crash - and in any case, I've had similar crashes once or twice before, and there were no audio issues those times.

    This is very confusing. Can anyone tell me what I should be looking at to troubleshoot this? Thank you!

    EDIT: Also, my desktop environment is XFCE.

  • @caelia
    Hello, and welcome. :smile:

    I kill pulseaudio, restart my Vivaldi Snapshot & Vivaldi Stable; sound just come out. All my Vivaldi are current.

    System side, I'm not sure why your Vivaldi 1.7 sound suddenly just not come out when you're not done anything to your system.


    • How many tabs we're talking about?
    • Did you try to disable all extensions?
    • Did you try clean Vivaldi profile?

    Ways to prevent trashing our system. At least these how I usually do in any browsers;

    • Don't open too many (live/keep restarting/multimedia) tabs to begin with. At least hibernate some of them. I usually just bookmarked & close them. No my any browsers ever happy if I open too many tabs for long time.
    • Avoid using too many extensions that keep scanning and or keep calling out everywhere. Disable some if not in use.

    Performance improvements: thanks, WillyYu (VB-26302) landed in Vivaldi 1.9. if not mistaken (been too long time), the patch was focus to Tab/Window issue.
    So, try newest Stable and or even Snapshot?

  • Hello caelia,

    What sound card are you using? Is it the one built into your motherboard? Or is it a separate card? A friend of mine was having the same problem with Vivaldi not seeing his separate sound card and was only looking for the motherboard sound card that was built into it. Could possibly be something, let us know!

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