UI missing when launching Vivaldi 1.10.862.6

  • Hi, I've been having issues with Vivaldi opening without tabs, the panel and the status bar for quite a while, rendering it useless for me. I have attempted a simple reinstall and a full reinstall and am still running into the issue. Wierdly after reinstalling it it seems to fix it for a while but suddenly the issue reappears again.

    Here is a picture so you can see:
    alt text

    In this state, barely any of the keyboard commands work and I have no access to the menu either. It behaves almost like a popup window as it does not allow you to type in a web address into the address bar. The only navigation it allows is through the speed dial.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I'm running this on Windows 10 Anniversary Edition 64bit

  • Try and update to the newest snapshot.

  • Ahh it appears to have fixed it for the time being, hopefully permanently this time. I didnt notice a new update had been released

    Thanks a lot

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