Cannot install extensions - Windows 10

  • I can't install any extensions for Vivaldi on Windows 10 Pro, Creators. I'm been running Vivaldi for ~6 months now, not sure what went wonky - didn't change anything browser related I can think of.
    I was running ScriptSafe, PrivacyBadger, and HTTPS Everywhere. Tried a browser refresh, as well as a full reinstall - no dice. It just freezes on "Checking" and I need to force close via Task Manager. Any suggestions?

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    @JustAnotherCthulhu Did you specifically refresh your profile?

  • Latest win kb installed? Sometimes latest update can cause that.
    I had a similar issue with TH2, and a kb was the culprit.
    Snapshot or stable channel?

  • @Ayespy yup. Browser/profile refresh. Didn't work, so I fully removed it, deleted all folders, rebooted, and tried again. Bugger all. @Hadden89 latest stable release (1.9.818.50 (Stable channel) (32-bit)) on Windows x64, current security updates but not feature updates.

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