Vivaldi Stand-Alone Settings Transfer Bug

  • Hello,

    I am seeing that even when I have configured the Vivaldi settings on one computer, transfer the whole vivaldi folder and sub-folders to another computer, most of the settings remain correct. But, two exceptions would be sometimes the extensions don't follow the stand-alone files, and also the "Startup" setting is always reset back to "Previous session" even though I changed it to homepage or a custom list of webpages.

    Any idea why this happens? Any way to install the extensions so that they follow the Vivaldi folder and also make the Startup setting stick?



  • Moderator

    @sethjbr Extensions and passwords are encrypted in a manner that they cannot be transferred between machines (encryption key based on you unique use ID). The extension data and settings will transfer, but not the extensions themselves.

  • @Ayespy

    Do you know why the Startup setting on Windows is reset back to "previous session" rather than keeping the homepage setting when transferring from one computer to another?

    Thank you for the explanation on the extensions, although sometimes the extensions do transfer from machine to machine, sometimes they don't. Does that user encryption ID take machine ID in consideration, or just the Vivaldi user ID?

  • Nope you can not transfer extensions from one pc to another because of some security purposes .

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    @sethjbr I don't. I always use the previous session setting anyway, so I've never had occasion to notice whether what you're experiencing on that is usual or not.


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