Disable javascipt panel on-click element

  • Hello,

    I am looking to disable the Vivaldi web panel OnClick element for clicking not the first time on a pinned panel website, but the second time. The first time simply activates the panel, the second time causes the panel to shrink.

    Anyway to disable this second click action using a custom.js file?


  • Have you tried anything so far? To be honest I don't see the point at all, just don't click a second time on it if you don't want to close it. If you have problems with accidental double click you could use a timer to disable the button for a short period of time. There are probably many ways to do this, check stackoverflow.

  • I have starting looking through the js code for the browser, but I haven't found the code that specifically controls this on-click element. It isn't a big deal, just wondered whether someone knew of where to find this code.


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