The HTML5 extension and Foxnews (stop Autoplay)

  • I had this problem with Chrome. Inserting the HTML5 extension to stop videos from automatically playing works very well TILL I go to the Foxnews site. Without exception, the cpu usage spikes. It only happens with Foxnews. I wonder why that is and is there another extension we can use to stop videos from playing automatically. It's too bad there wasn't something built right into Vivaldi or Chrome to stop it.

  • You could block foxnews.

  • There's a thought but I doubt very much that CNN would be pleased. I thought by now all Browsers would have give us the option but the future sure isn't what it used to be.

  • @Andoheb
    For blocking HTML5 video autoplay on all place:
    As far, I found extension to stop autoplay only 1 for Chromium/Chrome (Disable HTML5 Autoplay) and only 1 for Firefox (Disable HTML5 Autoplay different author). For Chrome, there's another 1 but abandoned & doesn't work since day one.

    Disable HTML5 Autoplay sometime hit & miss. Sometime the counter fail to show up when it actually block something, which lead me wondering for a while why a player doesn't work on some sites. Project in Github seem in Maintainer mode only. Checking the commit section, almost none relevant to bug fixing.

    The one for Firefox, while also hit & miss rather more powerful as it also block auto preload. No idea about developer, there's only email address in its AMO.

    The rest of HTML5 video blocker only focus on special sites such YouTube.

    Searching for UserScripts also fail. All were abandoned projects & total could be count under 5 fingers. The rest, again only block YouTube.

    My overall thought:

    • No one want to make & maintain a swish army HTML5 multimedia blocker either as extension or as browser internal.
    • Browser developers and or extension developers could give their user options. But the other side also has their options. Which kick us to point one.
    • While HTLM5 is standard, each sites that serve HTML5 multimedia free to implement their own methods to autoplay and or autopreload.
    • While HTML5 is standard, each browser engines also implement them differently. Well, at least in future Firefox probably more closer to Chromium :grin:.

    ...My another HTML5 multimedia rant

  • Well, with all the non-responses rolling in on this question, it must be another way of saying, "forget it, there is no other option than HTML5 or HTML6 as far as that goes, so deal with it." My response being, "I shall." :-)

  • The problem is such sites always find ways to autoplay their content, show their ads, or flash their popups. Its best to stay away from sites which have these traits, if at all possible. But if you find a reliable way to handle this please share it, there is certainly an audience.

  • I'm the one asking remember! :-) But if I were to happen upon such a thing, I would definitely share it.

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