Vivaldi does not take focus when link opened

  • If I click a link in an email (Outlook 2013) or Word 2016 a tab opens but stays in the background, i.e. Vivaldi does not take focus as it once did.
    When opening a link with Vivaldi set as the default browser Vivaldi opens the tab but does not come to the front the way other browsers like Chrome & Edge do.
    I have to search for Vivaldi and then look for the new tab.
    I believe this stopped working in 1.10.862.6 and is similarly broken 1.10.867.3 (latest snapshot)
    It doesn't appear possible to rollback, any one know how I might do this in the meantime?
    Any ideas regarding the issue?
    Is it a bug, is there perhaps a workaround?

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    Works for me on Win 10x64 in The Bat!, Thunderbird and Notepad++.

    How do you open the Link in your local program Word or Outlook? With Click or Click+Key?

  • Apologies for my delay in replying
    What build of Windows are you using?
    I click the link in an Outlook 2013 email for example
    I have also upgraded Vivaldi to 1.10.867.3 on another PC (1703 b15063.332) and it similarly broke
    I appreciate that 1703 b15063.332 is a Slow Ring build but is it relevant?
    I have 1.10.867.3 running on a Win 8 machine without any issue
    Please can others let me know what Win builds they're running and if they have any similar issues?

  • After further testing I also see the issue with Win 8.
    Intermittently the issue is not there for both Win 8 & 10 which does suggest that Vivaldi is at fault
    However, I can not precisely determine under which circumstances the issue is not present

  • Testing with latest snapshot 1.10.867.27. Watch this space.

  • This is broken with Win 8.1 Enterprise, b9600 & 1.11.880.3 (Official Build) (32-bit)
    This is broken with Win 10 Pro, 1703 b15063.413 & 1.11.880.3 (Official Build) (64-bit)
    The Win 10 is a home PC and the Win 8.1 is a corporate laptop
    Therefore, I can likely eliminate the OS and if 32 or 64-bit version of Vivaldi is at fault
    Same issue with Outlook 2013 and Word 2016
    Therefore, I can likely eliminate the application
    Is anyone else seeing this issue, am I the only one??
    If I install a new Vivaldi build it will work for any number of times then abruptly stop working
    What is going on there??
    This is driving me nuts!

  • Hi robgr, it is possible to rollback to an older version.
    Here is the link for the latest 1.9 snapshot:

    Install in "Advanced" mode, then you can use it next to the 1.11 snapshot.

    Cheers, mib

  • I got the same problem when clicking links in thunderbird. The problem gets even stranger for me, because I like to have different desktops (workspaces). When I click the link the tab gets opened in the vivaldi window I was last using, but sometimes the focus jumps to another window at another desktop. This is especially annoying, because I first have to switch back to my correct wokspace (by pressing ctrl + win + arrows) and then focusing the window.

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