Update problem via installer for two installs

  • Because I sit at work behind a proxy I can't use the normal update routine but instead need to load the installer first - which is fine by me so far.
    Today I wanted to update vivaldi on my laptop which has two vivaldi versions installed - both snapshots.
    Proper install is at version 1.9.818.40 and the standalone is at 1.7.721.3

    So I loaded the installer (for version 1.10.867.3) and hit the update and install button as usual but the only thing that gets updated is the standalone - even when I run the installer a second and a third time it always tries to update the already updated standalone and ignores the "normal" install.

    Any ideas how I can convince the installer to update the second install too?
    This is no big deal for me so far as I don't use the laptop very often but it gives me a headache that I can't figure out how to solve this.

    EDIT: In case this is important somehow the standalone is just lingering in a folder on the desktop and the proper install is installed in the default directory that is suggested by the installer


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