Suggestion: Password-encrypted passwords ;-)

  • I think it would be a really cool feature, if stored credentials were encrypted by a master-password that the user has to enter when he requires stored credentials for the first time after Vivaldi was started. :woohoo: :woohoo: Just like with a password manager. Maybe even with an option that the master password is re-requested after some time. This would make the password-store [u]much much[/u] safer. (OK, I guess more correct would be: it would make it at least some kind of safe, whereas now it probably isn't at all.) Also it would be possible to select per credential if the credential should require the master-password or not. That would allow lazy users like me to access "not so terribly delicate" stuff without entering the master-password and still protect more delicate stuff. And if you add the ability to also [u]view[/u] stored passwords after entering the master-password, it would completely replace a password manager for many users.

  • Or, just start talking to password system companies to integrate their services as addons. 🙂


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