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  • I need to view a passowrd Vivaldi uses to log into a web page.
    I've tried looking at settings (vivaldi://settings/passwords) but it shows that the password is never saved for this web-site. That is not true, every time i log into the web page, it is automatically filled in. I need to log in from another compter and need to recover the password. I see the web-site in ~/Library/Application Support/Vivaldi/Default/Login Data. How do i get to see the password.

    It is also not stored in KeyChain Access.

    While i love vivaldi, my password should never be so hidden from me that i can not view them. This is totaly wrong on so many levels, that i need to work so hard to find it.

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    @zedaardv chrome://settings/passwords

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    @Ayespy said in View Saved Passwords:


    Or vivaldi://chrome/settings/passwords

  • @Ayespy
    The point is that that is not showing me the save password
    the web page is never saved

    but when i go to the page and login it fills in the information.


    somewhere the information is saved that is not in the password window. there must be a way for me to see it.

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    @zedaardv Do you actually have any saved passwords? If so, your Login Data file is corrupted. It should be showing them to you in the dialog you illustrated.

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    @zedaardv If you can't see the password using the Chromium password management UI, there are a few other mechanisms that I can think of that could also store login credentials:

    • A password management extension that stores passwords in its own vault
    • A link or bookmark to the site specifies the username/password within the URL itself (e.g.
    • Your login credentials or an authentication token have been stored either in a cookie or (if you have it installed) using Flash Player's local storage.

    You can also try to unmask the password by inspecting the site using the Developer Tools like so:

    If yours is a "normal" Vivaldi install, I can't think of anything else at the moment that might be at play.

  • @zedaardv Thanks for this thread, the most useful thing was learning about the file "~/Library/Application Support/Vivaldi/Default/Login Data".

    Turns out it's just an Sqlite database, but it's not clear that mine was corrupted – tried to re-create the db by movie the login data file, and then dumping from it into a new "Login Data" file, but the error -no passwords visible to delete or correct- persisted.

    So I simply removed that file and restarted Vivaldi, and although I have to put my passwords in fresh now, at least I can use the password manager correctly and edit badly stored passwords out now.


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