Feature: Split View - panes with own tabs

  • I'd like to propose a "Split View" or "Split Pane" mode, in which each pane would behave like a "New Window", with it's own set of tabs.

    This would work like opening two separate windows, and placing them side-by-side, but with a shared URL bar, and status bar.

    In Windows, one can use WIN+LEFT/WIN+RIGHT to align to windows side-by-side, but macOS and most Linux distros don't have a default way to automatically resize windows to be side-by-side.


  • Just use a tiling window manager like i3 or awesome to allow for this...
    // edit: sorry, thought I was in the Linux forum. But yes, I think this really is more a job for your desktop environment (even though you would not have a shared address bar then but just two windows).

  • @NiteShdw
    For Linux.
    Window Manager (WM) for KDE, Plasma & Gnome also shortcut able for tiling. Close resemble to Windows way actually.
    With Plasma, you even could just drag the window to the side, it's automatically half tiled to that side. I think Gnome 3 capable to do this too, I forgot.

    We could do tile semi auto in Fluxbox or Openbox. The currently stall project PekWM got it builtin like tiling WM.

    And of course, there's application like x-tile.

    And double of course, you could tied some X applications in shell script. Or create one with Perl or Python.

    Heck, the possibility limitless.


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