Features suggestions

  • I love that there is again an "opera spirited" browser, built on modern technology in the making! Especially since I currently have a huge list of bookmarks in Opera 12, and can't find a browser feels "right" and has a bookmarks side-panel similar to Opera 12. And I'd love to see the following features (most of them should probably be configurable options): - A bookmark manager would help greatly! With the current build I couldn't even figure out how to move all imported bookmarks (including many subfolders) out of the "Imported From Opera" folder. - Open bookmarks by single-clicking them in the side-panel (currently I have to double-click them...?) - Open bookmarks in a new tab by default - Speed up the bookmark search - with my current list it takes about one second for the list to update after I type a character - Open normal links in a new tab by default - I really liked the "redraw instantly" option of Opera 12 - Configure location of new tabs (next to active vs. end) - Show favicons in the "closed tabs trashcan" I'd appreciate any feedback. Especially if some of those features are already planned or maybe even scheduled. Thanks for building the next great browser (or what will hopefully soon be a very great browser)! :cheer:


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