Custom thumbnails for Speed Dial folders – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1.10.867.3

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    @mariap said

    Today’s snapshot brings more customization options for Speed Dials.


    • [New] Possibility to set an image for a Speed Dial folder (VB-9294)
    • [Extensions] Mouse scroll do not work on tab opened by a Chrome extension using (VB-28279)
    • [Regression] Windows from session restore extensions open as tabless windows (VB-29058)
    • [Speed Dial] Disable F5 working on custom thumbnails (VB-20803)
    • E-mail search in Address Bar (VB-28890)
    • Some popup windows have incorrect size (VB-28463)
    • Updated translations
    • Updated Chromium to 59.0.3071.90

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