Can I set images from cache as default ?

  • In our company we use vivaldi 90 % in our intranet, and speed changes a lot if i set images from cache, but everytime i open a new tab, i have to change this. Can i set is default ? I meant always images from cache ?

    Thanks !!

  • @altomarketing
    This isn't possible at the moment - but when I remember correctly - this already was requested a few times.
    And since the snapshot (beta) version 1.10.845.3 there are a few more features to this function available.
    Blogentry for 1.10.845.3

    So I'll guess in this combination my advice is: sit, wait, hope - there possible is work in progress for this.

    Sadly no real insider info just my personal faith in the work of the vivaldi devs ; )


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