Forum signature?

  • @dLeon ...

    Just visit your own profile, append /edit in address bar and hit enter. This accesses the normal nodeBB settings, as originally suggested by @nfsmaniac in the thread they want you to find.

  • @luetage OMZ -- can it truly be so simple?

  • @Steffie Oh wow, yes it is!! Thank you 🙂

  • @Steffie I just checked what you put in there. You are showcasing a prime example why Vivaldi should provide a toggle for everyone to enable/disable signatures ( @gaelle )
    Thank you for that 😛

    ...or not, sneaky signature edit 😕

  • @Steffie

    Vivaldi 1.10.867.27 (Official Build) dev (64-bit)

    Is your auto-update not working ?? 🤣

  • @luetage Yeah, don't worry, i am in the process of fixing it... the 1st one was purely a test of function, but then i had to leave my pc for a while before finishing.

    You could try to be less snarky btw, y'know.

  • @TbGbe Yes it is, & no it's not an error on my part not to have edited the Note / Sig. When each SS reaches RC stage, i rarely bother allowing the updates, unless the accompanying info tells me that some bug that has actually bothered me was fixed. In the current case, the few changes listed are of no interest to me, so i held back the update. I had hoped that the annoying bug introduced last SS [right-clicking in Bookmarks/Notes panels causes list to jump back to top] would have been fixed, in which case certainly i'd have let Update Manager do its thing.

  • @Steffie Don't take it the wrong way, it's nothing personal. But you really did provide a good example, a signature with 5 or 6 rows. In other forums you get people who put gifs in there, or make the text blink in all colors of the rainbow; yet others link to a million different sites. I have nothing against it, but all of it is worth considering when providing an official implementation. And that's what we are discussing here. For better or worse.

  • Vivaldi Translator

    @dLeon Unbelievable! I've never though it will be so much efficient. 😃
    In fact, I've crypted it just via my brain. And decryption is as same simple as crypting it.
    Probably it confirms that in simplicity is power.
    In today's world with all the super-advanced ciphers is nobody expecting something such easy.

    Just keep it simple and you'll come to it. 😉
    Who will resolve it will get a present. I don't know what exactly, but maybe upvote at least. 😃

    EDIT: It seems that @luetage revealed it during writing my reply (or even I didn't notice there's already page 3)... so the fun ended. 😕

  • Devs, any news about signature? I got and idea, if you want to consider my suggestion: You could grant apply signature for users who reach a certain value of reputation, or posts... It's really useful a signature for a Forum that it's all about browsing.

  • Moderator

    @marko-indaco Anyone may make a signature with or without permission. It is the judgment of the community managers at this time, not to broadly publish how this is done. Whether to make this info broadly available is up to the community managers.

  • @ayespy yes, I follow the discussion and I understand the meaning. For this reason I would suggest that. It was only an idea.


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