what's your favorite part in games?

  • what's your favorite part in hunter x hunter?I like the Characters.Now,I knew and played Hunter X Online from my friends.Cool Characters!

  • I knew this game from my friends.now,I will try it!

  • Have not played yet, is it on Playstation?

  • I have no idea about HunterX and not big on Anime games either ;)

    But I like games where exploration plays a part, finding new places and interesting stuff. Not so much the rinse/repeat/spawn/die of modern shooters or the massive grind of RPGs.

    I also like tactical wargames, preferably turn-based, where I can have time to think, make a plan, and execute it to see the results.

    Seems kids today are more obsessed with watching other people play games than actually playing them themselves /oldmanrant.

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