Lost all window decorations, controls (except extensions) and can't keyboard into any page v1.10+

  • Rebooted my computer. When it came back up, I launch Vivaldi, and I've got no features accessible to me except for Extension bar.

    I can't figure out any way to get it back, shy of uninstalling and I don't really want to lose all my settings. :| Might be a possibility that that might not even work? I did attempt to reinstall 1.10.862.6, but that did not make any change.


  • mouse gestures don't work, only thing that does seem to work is ctrl+t to open a new tab. I can't close anything, there is no tab bar, etc etc. Basically, nothing works.

  • umm.. i do definitely need a way to get to my bookmarks, at least, and back them up (possibly into my copy of 1.9 ? ) .. everything else I can easily re-create.. but I don't really want to lose a set of bookmarks that i've been building for many months heh

  • Hi, this is reported from some user.
    Try ctrl +n to create a new window.
    If it work you find your profile path in Help > About
    There is your "Bookmarks" file, otherwise search for "Bookmarks".

    Cheers, mib

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