Bring All to Front not working in 1.10.862.6

  • I'm currently using 1.10.862.6 on macOS 10.12.6 (Beta).

    For the past 2 snapshots (I think) being able to open existing windows via either the Window/Bring All to Front menu item or selecting one of the open windows from the list below the last separator in the Windows menu does not work reliably. Sometimes nothing happens and in those cases if you are on a Vivaldi window and select another one, the current one loses focus but no window appears and nothing gains focus.

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    @markand Does this work any better if you enable the "Use Native Windows" option in Vivaldi?

  • I already had use native window checked. Will try unchecking!

  • Interesting....

    Turning use native windows OFF made things work much better. Suddenly all of these windows that I had popped up (after restart) and was able to minimize and bring them back.

    So... I then turned it back on and things seem to be working much better too. Not sure why that would happen, but things seem better. Will follow up if there are updates regarding this.

    Thanks for the suggestion!

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    I'm not sure why but on macOS, Vivaldi's window management can sometimes get itself into a weird state and toggling this option is a trick that often resets things back to normal. I'm glad that it worked for you!


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