Saving Font size in Vivaldi

  • I'm probably overlooking the obvious but still am having trouble to save the font size when reading articles in Vivaldi. I realize I can zoom it from View or from the Reset on the bottom of the page but is there a way to have it remain the same size when this Browser is closed and opened up again?
    Remember to type all answers very slowly so I can understand. Thanks.

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    @Andoheb There's no Vivaldi setting to preserve font size in a page or article. You can set default webpage zoom for all pages (under the web pages setting) in the Settings, You can set "minimun" fonts in the same place, and ALSO, right under "default web page zoom" setting is a checkbox where you can turn on and off "Use Tab Zoom" (retain zoom setting when navigating between websites). The latter setting should preserve the zoom of a given site between sessions. It MIGHT only work that way if you have not changed the "default web page zoom."

  • Thank you again for that info. Appreciated.

  • @Andoheb Reader View is another solution to small font sizes on long articles. Click the icon in the URL field.

  • Thank you for that Pesala.

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