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  • Oh my, I feel like I'm brand new on here. I am new to Vivaldi so am wondering regarding the latest version, how secure is it. Is it thought to be a secure as Chrome, Opera or the new Edge?

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    As secure as Chrome/Chromium 59.0.3071.83 is.

  • @Andoheb
    1st, Welcome to the forum.

    Might be related.

    Honestly, the question was to broad. What is "secure" in your concept. My "secure" usually different from anyone who post same question as yours.
    And judging from the trend, people usually end up fighting.

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    @Andoheb Welcome here :)

  • Thanks for the welcome and the replies. When I think of secure, I think of online Banking or buying with the Credit Card. But I see Gwen Dragon says it is as secure as Chrome or Chromium. I hadn't heard of Vivaldi till a yesterday. I see it's new so it had me wondering how secure it would be. Dleon, hopefully this thread will not have others on the forum sending each other lethal viruses because of a fight! :-)

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    @Andoheb It uses the Chromium engine and all of the security provisions of that engine, but does not phone home to the Google Borg. In fact, you can't even sync it with your Google/Chrome account, because it doesn't contain the mechanism to make that sync connection. (you can sync your gmail and google calendar just like in any browser, but you don't actually have a Chrome profile). Instead, Vivaldi will have its own secure, encrypted sync.

  • You say "it will have its own secure, encrypted sycn" - does that mean it does not have that yet?

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    @Andoheb It's been in development for over 2.5years and, unless I miss my guess, is probably a few weeks from release. I'm testing it backstage and it's not complete, but it's working properly (aside from an ugly side-effect or two, like deleting your speed dial thumbs...)

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    @Andoheb Proper sync is no trivial project. It's bigger, in fact, than a mere functional browser.

  • I guess the important thing for me is that it is safe. From what I'm seeing, it seems to have the same warp speed as Opera and thus far, looks good. I'll continue to try it and if it doesn't cause my computer to burst into a ball of flames, I might even stay on with it. Resistance is futile.

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