Changing e-mail address

  • Hi !
    How can I change my email address from my profile ?
    Thank you.

  • Which email address -- the one you signed up with, or you vivaldi mail account address?

    The former can only be changed by contacting a community manager (eg gaelle) and asking for it. The latter can't be changed at all, it's simply the name you signed up with.

  • @luetage The one that I signed up. I will ask for Gaelle's help. Thank you for your answer.

  • I hope you have better luck than I have. I registered with a hotmail account which is now dead and I want to change to my zoho account. I tried gaelle and the contact form on the Vivaldi website but 16 days later and still no response.

  • They will have to implement an automatic system for this anyway at some point. It's not feasible to do it manually for each member who needs it.

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    @KaosAD I bumped this to @gaelle and @Christian.

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