Inbox/Gmail tab from previous session doesn't work

  • If you will start Vivaldi with Inbox/Gmail from previous session, Vivaldi instead of showing you e-mails, will show you blank page (it will "refresh" first, but it refreshes into blank page). You have to close this tab and open new one with Inbox/Gmail to see your e-mails.

    I think the same thing is happening in Opera, Firefox etc. - but not in Chrome. Is there any possibility this will be fixed in the near future? That's the only thing in Vivaldi that is currently frustrating for me, because I often leave websites from previous session, including Inbox.

  • @xterdef said in Inbox/Gmail tab from previous session doesn't work:

    but it refreshes into blank page

    I couldn't reproduce that in any my

    • Vivaldi Snapshot 1.10.862.6 & Stable 1.9.818.50
    • Firefox Stable 53.0.3
    • Opera Developer 46.0.2602.0
    • Google Chrome Beta 59.0.3071.83

    For Normal Gmail view, the Inbox just show up after the usual progress bar.
    For Basic Gmail view, the Inbox just show up. Only any Browsers loading animation was notice able.

    Linux/Debian sid amd64

  • @dLeon

    Then try maybe to open some e-mail and leave inbox like that, then close entire browser and start again. You may also try doing this with some other tab opened (so having more than one tab).

  • @xterdef
    Tested, and same result with my 1st test.

    You mentioned it happen in all your browsers (except GChrome). One, actually different engine, that's strange.

    Might be help full if we get more info:

    • OS.
    • Extensions.
    • If you're in Windows/Mac, what 3rd party applications running.
    • If you're in Linux, DE/WM used.
    • Did you try fresh Vivaldi profile?

  • @dLeon
    I am very sorry, last week I didn't have time to write something in answer.

    Here is my info:

    Windows 10 (with creators update)
    Extensions: Spell Checker for Chrome, Adblock Plus, Search the current site, Pocket
    Third party: eset internet security, XFast LAN, app from Radeon - that's all
    Now, I learned how to clean Vivaldi profile (, and I run Default profile, logged into Inbox and same thing happens on Default Vivaldi profile. I leave opened tab with Inbox account and e-mails visible, close entire Vivaldi, open it once again and Inbox goes blank.

  • @xterdef

    I am very sorry, last week I didn't have time to write something in answer.

    No problem.

    Try to visit vivaldi://chrome/settings/search#hardware disable/untick hardware acceleration.

  • @dLeon Nothing changed, same problem.

  • @xterdef
    Tick back previous Hardware Acceleration option. This time enable "chrome://flags/#ignore-gpu-blacklist". Restart Vivaldi.

    All your extensions still disabled?

    Below are more another checklist as the issue actually effect other browsers outside Chromium based:

    • If you use any Anti Something (virus, malware, firewall, etc.).
      Turn it off momentarily to see if the issue persist. Make sure you're not open other tabs except GMail. And don't run this procedure under Admin account for more precaution.
    • If you use any other 3rd party applications running in background, turn off them too.
    • Did you do Windows update?
      Historically from post show up here, that sometime fix things or break things instead.
    • Did you do hardware video software update. Might be necessary.

    I'm pretty much shooting in the dark. As the issue not reproduce able even in my dusty Win10.
    If all of that don't give any results, I hope any master of Windows OS pop up here.

  • @dLeon I tried other options but nothing changed. However, I think, I forgot to write something important. When I am redirected from Inbox to blank page, I see blank page has this address:

    So, I followed these instructions for Chrome...!topic/chrome/dGtdDBtsVdY.
    Installed Chrome Software Removal Tool, reset Chrome settings and... now everything works normally in Vivaldi. So I had to do sth in Chrome to repair Vivaldi...

    Update: No, it doesn't work... It worked one single time, and now again I am redirected to blank page.

    edit: And it works in Opera 45 (it worked before I did thing with Chrome).

  • @xterdef

    This address again.
    There's a recent Inbox + issue coming in recently.

    The last post there also a suggestion to try clean profile. Which, you already tried & doesn't work.

    From Googling around, it's an issue of Chromium/GChrome & even other browsers that hit few random user through out years. Unfortunately, all those issue solved with Resetting GChrome (clean profile).
    If you search, the issue involving, is really rare. It's a legit/safe address. Part of search suggestion/prediction redirection.

    Still, it's unclear what's the relation of this address to your blank page.

    I suggest to Report a bug it.

  • Same bug for me. Really annoying.


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