Custom Speed Dial thumbnails for web developers

  • I apologize if this is in the wrong category; I'm still figuring out exactly where everything goes.

    After looking at the the blog post made by the @Vivaldi-Team regarding custom Speed Dial thumbnails in the 1.10 snapshots, I got a bit excited. It also got me thinking as to how my problem with setting a Speed Dial thumbnail for my own websites could be solved. This isn't necessarily a feature request for the browser itself, but an idea for how web developers can implement their own Speed Dial thumbnails into their websites.

    At first, it would make sense to already make use of the "icon" link property in websites, like the example below:

    <link rel="icon" href = ""/>

    However, this presents an issue for the browser, mainly how to properly render the thumbnail. Should it default to the theme color? What if the icon size isn't 128x128; how does it scale, then? Does it use one based upon the size or does it use one based upon platform (iOS, Android, Windows)?

    Honestly, I feel it'd be much better if we made our own thumbnails with a photo editor and then linked them like this:

    <link rel="vivaldi-thumbs" href="">

    With that in place, Vivaldi will look for this specific link tag in websites when loading thumbnails and pull up the respective image, already in the right size. An option to disable this should be in the Settings or somehow implemented with the already-implemented custom Speed Dial thumbnails as seen in the 1.10 snapshots.

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    the HTML link element with attribute rel and value icon is not supported at this point of development, reported as a bug and has already a feature request.

    Some other requests are meta elements with a property like og:image or twitter:image.


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