Password manager and Google account

  • Password manager works well for most sites I need it but not with Google account with their new strange 2-phase logging-in. Neither for user name sub-form nor for password sub-form, Vivaldi offers an option to save the item. And there is no possibility (please correct if I am wring) to do in some "manual" way.

    Please some ideas or info on this topic? Thanks.

    (Vivaldi 1.9.818.50 (Stable channel) (32bit), ver. 31248f6d63af73f83674f14779c07f98d43acc5c, Win7)

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    @janzel Google signing in just works for me (all 3 accounts). Please describe what you mean by " strange 2-phase logging-in." Is this something adopted in the last few days?

  • Not in the last few days, I am not sure from when… I mean the approach when you send the user name first, and then – from the next, different form – you send the password. The way I consider "normal" (that works well for me on other sites) are two input fields in one form sent at once.

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    @janzel - OK - so that works here for me. What trouble are you having?

  • The problem is that Vivaldi simply does not offer me to save user name and password neither during nor after entering credentials for google account (password management enabled, works on other sites).

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    @janzel - ouch. Maybe your Login Data file is corrupted. Here, mine offers to save right after I enter the password on any new Google sign in. If I have signed in before to that account, then it fills the user (or allows me to select a user to fill) and then offers to save after I enter password on the next page.

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    @janzel Did you perhaps accidentally instruct Vivaldi to "never" save for Google?

  • @Ayespy Interesting idea :-) I do not thing so but you never know… How to check this?

  • I can see "blacklisted by user" set to TRUE at "" record in the "Login Data" database in my Vivaldi profile, so you are probably right.
    Is it OK to simply delete this line from the "logins" table?

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    @janzel I don't see why not. You should also be able to clear it at chrome://settings/passwords

  • @Ayespy SOLVED! I was really so stupid to have banned that site :-(
    Thank you very much for the hint!

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    @janzel Everyone performs a rogue click from time to time. Glad you found it. :)

  • @janzel
    If you already have Google & Youtube Password in your Vivaldi Password collection, delete them.
    Close all tabs with Google related sites, clear cookies (also cache if you want), at least any cookies related to Google & Youtube. Personally, I just clear all except passwords collection on "Clear Private Data".

    I need to re-login 2 times before Vivaldi finally throw the save password pop up.

    Just my personal experience with that Google New Sign in.

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