No sound on

  • Hi all, I'm running Vivaldi in my Arch linux OS, I disabled all the ad and script blockers in the browser and the pepper flash player is installed correctly as well, but still I'm incapable of hearing any sound effect on this site. Flash player is setted to be permitted on this site without any on demand request as well.

    I don't know what to do anymore. In firefox everything is working fine.

  • @Senryu
    I'm a member there too. Still new.

    The sound played when we learn word? It just play well here.
    That sound player doesn't use Flash. From the DevTools, all sounds were in MP3 format.
    On side note, my uBlock also just still run as usual. I don't disable it on Duolingo.

    In Vivaldi, visit, see if MP3 enabled.


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