Tabs close on SINGLE click

  • This has apparently happened to others (e.g.

    It's important, as there's a section of the community that prefers the option to have many tabs open. Double-click is the best available solution to help make the practically possible in the absence of a tab-scrolling feature (the only thing I prefer in Firefox).

    This has only started happening since I installed the latest version of Vivaldi (1.9.818.50 (Stable channel) (64 бит)).

    I'm not sure whether this is a request for help, a bug report, or what... anyway, thanks in advance!

  • I'm not sure your sentence is coherent.

    Double click is the best available solution to help make the practically possible in the absence????

    Anyway, you can scroll tabs, you just have to activate it in vivaldi://settings/tabs/. And tabs closing on a single click is very strange, that's a bug indeed, you can report bugs here:

  • @luetage Yes, obviously the word "the" in that sentence was supposed to be the word "that."
    Let me look for that setting, its absence was the subject of heated exchanges only a month or so ago. If it's been added, that's fantastic!

  • @luetage No, I see there's still no tab scrolling option in Vivaldi.

    What I mean by tab scrolling a la FF is this: when tabs reach a certain minimum size the cease shrinking to fit on the screen; instead, you can scroll the row of tabs to the right and to the left.

  • @WombatPete Oh yeah, that's not possible, but you can check if it's already in the feature request thread, would surprise me if it were not.

  • I think this may have something to do with gestures in the latest version; it may not be happening now that I've turned them off.

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