entire bookmark name by the bar?

  • hello, is there a way to make vivaldi display the entire bookmarks names when opening a folder from the bookmarks bar?

  • @wayrus The full URL is shown in the Status Bar.

  • thanks but i need not the url but the name i've put to the bookmark.

  • Vivaldi Translator

    Probably I don't really understand the question. But, Bookmarks shown in "Bookmark Bar" always shown as name.


  • this: https://productforums.google.com/forum/#!topic/chrome/_mIPNbXBBJo :)

    maybe it's a chromium behaviour itself

  • @dLeon i refer specifically to bookmarks inside folders that are in the bookmarks bar.

  • Vivaldi Translator

    I see, Vivaldi max to 50 characters. I never realize the limit. All my bookmark name, well, just call it far shorter than that OP sample in your Google link.

    Probably need to Feature Request to increase the limit.

    BTW, my screenshot is folder from my Bookmark Bar. It just happen I forgot to close my Bookmark Panel.

  • @dLeon k, i will ask for this but how they are chosen among all of the requests? there are tons made.

  • how do i make it to get votes for the request? i've sum up some tips for one entire aspect of the browser...

  • Vivaldi Translator

    I'm not sure how, but, maybe follow this rules;

    To the point. Clear to what you mean. Some poster explain their request in long multiple paragraph, personally I think it's hard to grasp the point.
    For your case, could I suggest like "Increase characters limit for name in Bookmark Bar"?

    While votes matter. Easy to implement also matter. The rest is devs decision. Don't fret if you see low vote or even no vote your post. Judging from Snapshot changelog all this time, I believe somebody up stair (no, not God) do take a notes for people request.

    As one of the translators, I see complain from other language translators. 5 chars verb word in English could be 2x longer in other languages for example. They request more space. While the devs at it, why not request for other places too, right?

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