Fonts look messed up

  • The fonts of Vivaldi settings, Google Chrome settings and the Vivaldi Blog look like in this screenshot.

    alt text

    I tried fixing Cleartype, turning it on and off, switching to Classic and Aero theme, but it doesn't fix, any idea why this would happen? The rest of Windows is perfectly fine, including Firefox, Pale Moon and Internet Explorer, only Chrome, Vivaldi and possible everything else Chromium-based is having this issue.

    I tried to find a similar issue but no luck.

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    @TianlanSha Looks normal to me, but perhaps I'm just used to it. That's DirecType in Chromium and its derivatives. To fix it (make a bit more solid and fluid fonts) Vivaldi would have to undertake a pretty major project circumventing the built-in fonts for the browser engine - so it will probably be a while before fonts are addressed.

  • @Ayespy It may look fine to you, but for me it looks like the fonts are so thin that some letters like the "s, d, l, l" look almost invisible and it's hard to read. This happened all of a sudden, it was OK a few days ago.

    Look at the text in the red bar - Snapshots and Team Blog.. for me it's almost impossible to make out.

    alt text

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    @TianlanSha Interesting. I wonder what changed on your system. Your posted image looks exactly like my fonts have always looked (since Jan 2015) on Vivaldi.

    (and, btw, it doesn't look "fine" to me. I would prefer a little heavier, more fluid font. It just looks "normal," the way I have become used to seeing fonts on Vivaldi)

  • @Ayespy I remembered I was fooling around with some tools called GDIPP and MacType or MacWrite. Their purpose is to change the Windows font rendering to look like Mac - more bold and "heavier". Problem is they don't fully work and after removing them, I realized the fonts on my Chromium-based browsers are messed up. I think I may have to reinstall Windows in the worst case scenario... I kinda feel bummed out, because something tells me if I had Linux right now, I wouldn't have to reinstall, just reinstall some packages or sometihng.

    EDIT: I ended up reinstalling Windows 7 and now it's all good. But this is a serious issue with browsers like Vivaldi and Chrome.


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