Four Vivaldi Folders

  • Since autoupdate was broken, I now have three Vivaldi folders.


    The first: 1.10.845.3 contains the 7z in the installer folder.

    Can the 1.10.856.16 folder be safely deleted now?

  • I always delete older remains manually, and leave the current Installer\vivaldi.7z for the delta update. I never understood why most of the times the installer fails to delete the previous dir.

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    The 1.10 updater/installer had a bug and did not delete old folders. Will be fixed in next Snapshots.

  • I have one extra folder that I will leave and see if the next install deletes.

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    The same here, but there were two folders, I deleted the older

  • This snapshot install cleaned up the extra folder here.

  • @g_bartsch not for me, on work pc I used the full installer, on home pc the delta autoupdate. Both are win7 32bit. It's random, sometimes it deletes the old one, sometimes not.

  • I am pretty sure that I deleted the unwanted folder, but now I have four after the latest update.

    What is going on? The highlighted folder contains the 7z installer. The other two are full of files.

    0_1497290324340_Four Folders.png

    I have deleted all but the latest folder. Let's hope that that fixes the problem on the next update!

  • The latest update to 1.10.867.32 (64-bit) did not empty the 1.10.867.27 folder. I thought it was supposed to leave only the installer?

    I have installed the 32-bit version over the top, and deleted everything in 1.10.867.27 except the installer directory. Let's see what happens on the next update.

    I noticed that a bug has already been reported for this:

    Bug is reported as VB-29284

    Specs: AMD A10-6800K, 8 Gb on Win 10 64-bit • Snapshot 1.10.867.32 (32-bit)

  • @Pesala you don't need .27\Installer\vivaldi.7z if you have installed .32, just keep 1.10.867.32 which has the new Installer\vivaldi.7z

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