Speed Dial thumbnails should refresh USING ad blockers

  • Vivaldi generates Speed Dial thumbnails disregarding installed extensions while loading site in background. Why not use ad blockers to avoid unnecessary traffic etc.

  • @pokemn
    I already request that;
    You could help to vote it up. 😄

    As a matter a fact, that thread is current Feature Request thread.

  • @pokemn

    It's already working for me with Ublock Origin extension installed ... recreate the thumbnail or the bookmark and it should be okay.

  • @phil056
    Err, no.

    These are screenshot of https://sourceforge.net/

    Bookmark Thumb after pressing update thumb:
    Original page after ads blocked

    I hope you could spot the difference. I have bigger bookmark thumb for it in default "Top Sites" file, just too lazy to search for it. It's big list & a bit cryptic naming.

    I have uBlock0 & uMatrix. For test; I set them to default subscriptions plus 3rd party script & 3rd party frame block. The last 3rd party blocks should block anything from outside.

    How to produce:

    1. Make sure you bookmarked https://sourceforge.net/.
    2. Update that bookmark thumbnail in any ways.

    You couldn't get the "Extra" in any Chromium based browsers only by blocking them externally;

    • Using HOSTS file.
    • Using DNS that block.
    • Using other 3rd party applications to intercept ads into your networks.
    • Set them in your Router block list.

  • @dLeon

    My bad ... but there one way it works :

    1- Delete the old bookmark with ads
    2- Load the desired page
    3- Have Ublock Origin on (I also have ghostery too) + allow access to file check in the extension option.
    4- Bookmark the page
    5- There shouldn't be no ad.

    Might not be ideal, but it works ... I've made all my speed dial bookmarks this way so I thought it was working.

  • @phil056
    The steps you point out is true. But...

    In your point one, if the ads already there, it beats what OP request isn't it?

    The OP is about Speed Dial. If we add a new dial to Vivaldi Startpage, it automatically adding a thumb complete with ads bypassing all extensions.
    The only work around I know; instead adding on Startpage, add bookmark to your Speed Dial folder through bookmark manager/panel/add bookmark button.

    Then there's "Update thumb" to bookmark who has same problem about bypassing extensions.
    I don't know any easy casual user work around.

  • @dLeon

    Yep ... The point is I created all my speed dial thumb the same so I thought it worked ...


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