Is there a way to bookmark many tabs to a specific folder?

  • So far I haven't found one.

    I can drag and drop one tab into whatever folder, this works.

    I cannot drag the tab stack, since in order to bookmark you drag the icon left from the tab address, can't do this with a stack.

    Also I cannot drag the selected multiple tabs for same reason. I can bookmark them, but they all get dumped in the same base folder. I need to choose the destination where they get placed.

  • For example - I have 5 different groups of tabs which all need to be bookmarked into different folder.

    Can someone describe a way to do this that does not involve bookmarking them 1 by 1 by dragging, which would take me forever?

  • @Shajirr
    Dragging tab or tabs still clunky. 9:10 fail... If "Show Popup Thumbnails" was on in setting.
    Untick that, then tick it again if you want. Yes I know, weird.

    Multiple Select Tab ~ Right Click Menu ~ Bookmark (num) tabs
    It will drop all to folder "Saved Tab Selection (date, time)".
    This the current reliable I know. Of course, not what we both want.

    Forget the overstrike part. I just realize that setting need to be off all the time. Once I hide then re-show the bookmark panel I couldn't drag tab to it anymore. This's I believe is a bug.

  • If this is not possible with the current Vivaldi functionality, maybe someone knows any addons that allow this?


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