Unread posts page a little too responsive

  • There is a problem with the unread posts page. If you open a thread in another tab, it is immediately deleted from the "unread" database - though not the display of the "unread" page. So when you then click on page 2 of unread posts, the list shifts upward to take up the newly empty space. What was, say, post #21 may now be post #20. Thus the message(s) that were waiting at the top of page 2 are now at the bottom of page 1, which you have navigated away from, and will not be seen on page 2.

    It ought to be that the forum takes a snapshot of unread posts, and does not change that until the user either exits the forum or does a Mark All Read. That way no posts will be missed.

  • @paul1149
    Suggestion, try "infinite scroll" in forum settings than paginate?
    Paginate currently only limit up to 20 post topic/post.

  • I'll give that a try. Thanks.


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