Huge file (created by Vivaldi?) filled my HD

  • My iMac suddenly warned me that nearly all my storage was gone. For the record, this is a 1 TB SSD. I had nearly 200 GB of storage available a day or two earlier. I used a wonderfully helpful tool called Grand Perspective to find where my storage had gone. It found a TextEdit file of 187 GB in size that did not exist a short time ago. The path was: Macintosh HD/private/var/folders/yy/ky9zhsqd13g .../T/com.vivaldi.Vivaldi/zip_cache . Can anyone shed some light on this? I've deleted the file now so I have enough free space to continue using the mac.

  • I simply don't have the yy folder. The other 2 folders in this folder are 160mb overall. I wonder how that happened in your case.

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    @Dandaman456 I've never run into this issue. An Internet search for mac "/private/var" "zip_cache" only got a few hits related to Chrome and FileUploader.

    Regular reboots and periodically booting in "Safe Mode" should also clean out files that build up over time in /tmp (/private/tmp) and /var (/private/var).

    Sorry that I can't shed any more light on this.


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