Double click on a link

  • Hi, I would like have the ability to double click on a link to open in a new tab either in foreground or background. This feature is available in Firefox via a plugin. Would love to see in this in Vivaldi as I find it very useful.

  • @Godwin There are already several easy ways to do this: Shift + Click, Right-click, Open, Mouse Gestures.

    I don't see double-click working well. If you're not quick enough, won't it be interpreted as a single-click?

  • @Godwin
    Ctrl+Click (or middle click) for background new tab
    Shift+Click for foreground new tab
    Click for same tab

  • @Pesala
    It works well in Firefox. I guess it registers as single click if you don't click again within the specified time which i believe is 250ms. Its very useful and quick if i want to open a link in a new tab just using the mouse only. Right now this is how I've setup:
    -single click opens in the same tab
    -middle click opens in background tab
    So I want another click action to open the link in the foreground tab and I think double clicking is the best way to do that. I don't want to assign the right click for it as i need the menu when right clicking. My other option is using an extension to have long presses on does the job but not so quick as double clicking...

  • @Godwin Try GestureDown

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