Custom Speed Dial thumbnails – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1.10.862.6

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    @mariap said:

    Customizing Speed Dials hits another level with the ability to set your own custom thumbnails per speed dial.


    • [New] Custom speed dial thumbnail preview (VB-7179)
    • [New] Added options to turn off bookmarks and typed history in the dropdown (VB-28979)
    • [Regression] Popup windows lack title and border (VB-28345)
    • [Regression] Windows installer writes into wrong registry (VB-28908)
    • [Regression][Quick Commands] Single-letter bookmark nicknames no longer work (VB-28639)
    • [Mac] Vivaldi goes to previous page after you right-click and double click (VB-28562)
    • [Mac][Linux] “Rocker Gestures” don’t work consistently if “Allow Gestures” is disabled (VB-28632)
    • [Mac][IME] Pressing Enter confirms bookmark info while typing in Japanese (VB-28418)
    • [Mac][IME] Illegal character code inserts (VB-24957)
    • [IME] Japanese text to be confirmed while renaming tab stack (VB-28576)
    • [Extensions] Options in Click&Clean extension do not work (VB-20369)
    • [Quick Commands] PgDown and PgUp handling (VB-22598)
    • [Quick Commands] Allow internal pages (VB-10785)
    • [Quick Commands] Pin/Unpin tab (VB-26181)
    • [Quick Commands] Hint autocompletion (VB-7897)
    • [Settings] Renaming autoupdate and update to updates (VB-26835)
    • [Start Page] Cannot set local image as Start Page background from context menu (VB-12282)
    • [Themes] Prevent duplicate names (VB-28794)
    • Remove Winsparkle from Vivaldi and always use the UpdateNotifier for updating (VB-26833)
    • Settings window can be opened with the reopen tab mouse gesture (VB-9603)
    • vivaldi:gpu appearing on Paste and Esc in URL field (VB-28264)
    • Updated translations
    • Updated Chromium to 59.0.3071.83


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