Extensions conflict: crxmouse

  • Hello,
    I found that vivaldi seems force override some mouse action. I try to install many plugins that support Super drag, but some function not work.

    If i drag the link down and up it works, but if i drag the link left or righ, it will just select the content. This looks like vivaldi override some action. I will attach some image to help understanding this problem.

    other chromium browser

    Plugin site: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/crxmouse-chrome-gestures/jlgkpaicikihijadgifklkbpdajbkhjo
    Vivaldi version 1.9.818.50 (Stable channel) (32 bit)
    Vivaldi built-in mouse gesture has been disable.
    Operating System: Windows 10 64bit 1607 (OS build 14393.1198)


  • Dragging left and right is supposed to select links, like it did in old Opera. I even ran a userscript that made this functionality available, before Vivaldi (re-)introduced it. There is currently no way to turn it off in settings, but I suppose you could hunt the code down and disable it with a modification.

  • Moderator

    Vivaldi uses horizontal select of text in links.
    Chrome does not have this feature. That's why the extension works in Chrome.
    The extension crxmouse is not compatible with Vivaldi and should be fixed by its developer.
    !!! In Chrome webstore users report that the extension is spyware !!!

  • @Gwen-Dragon Thanks for your notice. I have uninstalled this extension.
    I have tried all similar plugin before. But still not work. Is that the feature that @luetage mentioned?
    I will contact the author to check if they can fix it.

    At last, Thanks @luetage and @Gwen-Dragon very much.

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