Weird behaviour of +1 buttons

  • As a title post, I notice then if I add a preference to a post, by clicking the up-arrow button it works as aspected, but if i change my mind and I want to remove my vote, then when i click down-arrow the counter reset to 0 (even if there's some previous votes). Btw, overlapping the mouse-pointer over the counter it show the user(s) name that previously voted for that topic even if the counter shows 0. On the other hand - after having already voted - if I click another time on the button up-arrow (instead of down-arrow) it works correctly, decreasing by one unit and leaving the correct count number of previous votes.

  • @Marko-Indaco
    I could see the counter broken somehow.

    I accidentally up-vote someone, from 0 to 1. When I tried to fix that it goes -1.

    Seem @Steffie notice other behavior; The counter & number of people was different.

  • @dLeon Thank for the tip. Yes, there's sure some weird behaviour upon the arrow-vote system :stuck_out_tongue: For what I can say, the first button (arrow-up) it's sufficient because if pressed twice, it works as -1 voting. Could be an idea to leave only that button (more clear, mopre space for post and (maybe) less developing works to bug-fix).
    Edit: No, sorry... i write a bullsxxt :D ... forgot about the -1 voting...

  • @dLeon Well, there might be an innocent purely technical explanation, as you hypothesised... but given the nasty posts in the thread to which i alluded, from a couple of repeat trolls, i cynically assumed that in fact the explanation was that said trolls were downvoting [= invisible userIDs] any upvotes [=visible userIDs] they saw. These idiots are so small-minded.

    After all, sadly we already have several precedents in these fora where such trolls have targeted some individuals they didn't like, & massively downvoted them. Sad morons.

  • Not taking into account any invisible downvoting, there is an easy explanation.
    Let's say someone's count is at 0 and you upvote -- the count goes to 1. If you want to take your vote back now and press the downvote button, the count goes to -1, because you just downvoted them. That's how it's supposed to work, and not a bug.

    It's a bit counterintuitive, but if you want to remove an upvote you gave someone, you have to press the upvote button again. And if you want to remove a downvote you gave, you have to press the downvote button again. This will remove the upvote or downvote cleanly, without voting into the other direction ;)

    (I did it with the OP to check this real quick again)

  • @luetage thank you and sorry for late reply (i was missing you're reply). Yes, it's pretty clear once you know that. Mumble... I thiunk a new help post comes soon :D

  • There is no sure if this is the correct topic for this addition. I did not find out if the subject was already mentioned anywhere.
    But, the revelation of the "names" of the "donors" of downvotes is back.

  • Moderator

    @quinca71 Where, please?

  • @ayespy Point at the cumulative votes-count for any target post [even if "apparently" only 0]. Left click on this number. Voila, magic occurs!!

  • We found out about this ourselves on our forum - clicking the same button twice on a post removes your vote, whereas clicking the opposite button may restore the total but leaves the system saying you voted both ways. And yes, names of voters is easy to find - I see Marco Indaco upvoted luetage's post above, for example.

  • @ayespy said in Weird behaviour of +1 buttons:

    Where, please?

    Any post from any user, having received any vote(s), if the number is tangled by the mouse, and clicked in sequence, the positive and negative "donors" are revealed, with "rights" on "names" and even avatars (laughs).

    The difficult thing is to detect (better would be say "suspect") if there are vote(s) for those who appear with zero votes, as there may have compensation between negative(s) and positive(s), if I am seeing correctly.

  • I see in this forum that clicking up then down actually does cancel your up and leave your down (by trying it on luetage's post above) - if you then downvote again to cancel your downvote it leaves you not having voted at all. Okay, makes some sense.

  • Moderator

    @quinca71 Thank you. It's being looked into.

  • @sgunhouse said in Weird behaviour of +1 buttons:

    And yes, names of voters is easy to find

    Positive ones, yes. Negative, not always.

  • @sgunhouse The point is you can just click upvote to cancel the upvote in the first place. No reason to click downvote first.

    And sorry for spoiling the info on how to see the upvote/downvote listing, I thought it's common knowledge. Well, at least that the moderators and admins would know about it.

  • This post is deleted!

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