Reaching Linux Users on Reddit

  • I posted on a couple Linux distribution subreddits last night to evangelize for Vivaldi. I intend to do this on all major Linux distro sites. I try to include the install instructions.

    The only push back I received was the fact Vivaldi is proprietary software. If anyone has a good rebuttal for that please share.

  • @cjprindle It really depends on why they care that it's proprietary. If it's because they only use and support free software on principle, you can't really argue with that. If, on the other hand, it's because they're concerned proprietary software might be less trustworthy than open source software because you can't read the source, you can easily argue with that.

    I wrote about this on my website just yesterday.

    And I participated in a short conversation about it on Reddit a couple weeks back.

  • @Tiamarth Pretty good arguments you put up there and nicely written too. :thumbsup:

  • @cjprindle Your job had done good to me. I clicked on the link, installed Vivaldi, made it inspection to see what it is, and thereafter it became the most used Browser on my top notch Fedora 26 Workstation with Gnome 3.24.3 and Cinnamon 3.4.4. both... Just love Vivaldi! Thank you for promoting it. I'd even didn't started ONCE my lovable Google Chrome Beta proprietary Browser, after trying Vivaldi... And those Emails at Vivaldi.Net... People, it's a fresh service and the coolest names are free for registration.
    It's obvious, that Vivaldi Browser has a new ambitious and wealthy owner/sponsor, because their teem is working and upgrading day by day everything...

    And it's not about, that Vivaldi technically is not any worst, than Chrome, or Opera Beta, or that open source trash Mozilla Firefox... It's about the innovative design of Vivaldi, plus many exciting new futures, plus, that it basically can act, as a Chrome browser. Based on Chromium Project...

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