Did you back up your notes?

  • I want to put all my notes in another PC does anyone know how to do this?

    Thank you

  • @g12mac
    1st, wrong forum category. This "Forum Feedback" category.

    File Notes is in your Vivaldi profile.
    It's in JSON format & it's one of few that easily transfer able anywhere without problem.

  • @dLeon thank you dleon, my bad about the wrong placing of the post, is there a place that breaks down in laymens terms what i need to do. thanks again

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    @g12mac Moved now.

  • @g12mac

    is there a place that breaks down in laymens terms what i need to do. thanks again

    Unfortunately no.
    The just copy file Notes is more user tip/trick.

    Realizing that you probably want to merge notes from source to target.
    Merging Notes probably the most hard because Vivaldi doesn't have export/import for Notes. Sync still on work too. Merging manually with text editor is error prone.

    I do however has a trick to copy merge Notes to other Vivaldi. As it's name, it's tricky.

    This's what I do.
    After you found the Notes file in your other (any) systems.
    (Hope you could follow)

    • I have Vivaldi Stable & Vivaldi Snapshot. Snapshot is my main, Stable is just there for test or whatever.
    • I copy Notes file (from my other system) to Vivaldi Stable profile. Start Vivaldi, select all interesting notes, right click Copy.
    • In my main Vivaldi Snapshot, I just Paste to notes panel. Everything will be there complete with their screenshots.

    At least one entry need to be in target Notes panel for paste, empty is fine.
    Unfortunately, need to do this multiple times if you have multiple Notes files.

    Hope export/import will be here in future. Or at least Sync.

  • @dleon said in Did you back up your notes?:

    mes if you have multiple Notes files.

    I can't get this to work at all. 😞
    The copy and paste dialogues aren't greyed out or anything, but nothing happens when I try to move from one open Vivaldi session, to another.

    Welp, maybe I'll have luck with the new sync feature.

    Edit: Not having any luck with sync, but actually I found I was able to move from stable version to snapshot (just like you said). I did it the other way around, and that was not working.
    Nevermind that, trying to copy anything from Snapshot to stable just seemingly duplicates what I already have. It is not working at all.


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