Why is Flash perma-blocked?

  • Under vivaldi://settings/content > Flash there's an entry

    chrome-extension://mpognobbkildjkofajifpdfhcoklimli/ set to Block that cannot be selected. Why?

  • @dib_ said in Why is Flash perma-blocked?:


    Isn't that ID was Vivaldi startpage? At least "search mrs. google" said so.
    Kind an OK for me if it does blocked flash plugin there.

  • @dLeon This is the first time I came across it, but it appears so. I know deleting it wiped a few settings like panel placement, searches and speeddial.

    Still wondering why it's perma blocked though. Is it just mine with this entry?

  • @dib_
    I have it too.

    Chromium/GChrome also has one or two. I see current Beta 59 has two for Google own sites. Security (Privacy?) reason come in mind.

    For Vivaldi startpage? I have no idea.

  • @dLeon Wonder if there's a file to be manually edited. I don't like browsers making decisions for me.

  • Moderator

    That "extension" is the main part of Vivaldi which checks for Flash content.
    There is no problem of Flash blocking at all if you enable Flash in vivaldi://chrome/settings/content or in section Plugins of vivaldi://settings/webpages/.

  • @dib_
    I never looking to search that part.

    But, judging from where it's placed & it's there since beginning. Probably source code level.
    If the code was Vivaldi part, then the only way we could do is "feature request" it. Closed source for this part. Except you're invited to be dev.

    Tough, I don't know why we want to bother block/un-block Vivaldi startpage Flash plugin access.


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