Use Address Field in Full Screen view

  • Hi all,

    is it possible to access the Address Field when in Full Screen view (e.g. after pressing F11)?

    When I press the Address Field shortcut (F8 or CTRL+L) in vivaldi, nothing seem to happen (the Address Field is off the screen and stays invisible). Firefox is different: it will fade in the address bar when the mouse is close to the top edge of the screen, or when shortcuts are pressed. Is there any way to do this in vivaldi?

    Best wishes, kai

  • @lesk Press F2 to open the Quick Commands dialogue.

  • @lesk
    Use Quick Command instead? Default F2
    Quick Command is one of Vivaldi features anyway. Also get hidden after use. Got special revamp in latest snapshot.

    And if still insist πŸ˜„, there's someone already request identical feature about address bar in Full Screen view.

  • @dLeon , @Pesala: Thanks! Hadn't realized the input field in the quick command works as an Address Field. 🀦🏻 That's all the address field I need in full screen.

    Also thanks for the quick reply!


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