Developers: how does non-native window handle WM_CLOSE?

  • This one is a bit technical :). I have an application which makes sure that when I close Vivaldi using the X button it instead gets hidden (I bring it back with a keyboard shortcut). In order to achieve this behavior, I wrote a C++ DLL which I am injecting into the Vivaldi process. The problem is that this behavior works only when using Native Window.

    When pressing X in the non-native window, I have noticed that the WM_CLOSE message is not caught by the window anymore, for obvious reasons (the X button is custom-drawn and the dispatching of the quit message is internal to the browser).

    1. I hope there are no plans to dump the Native Window. Without it, I...
    2. ... Want to know how to abort a browser QUIT when the X button is pressed in the non-native window.


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