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  • Ok, I know this is off topic, but it is bugging me a tad & it is browser related. Our PC, running XP, (yep I know), has just come back from being repaired with the hard drive reformatted back to the old 2006 factory settings. I've updated everything as best I can as it wouldn't automatically update, and browser wise Firefox and Chrome steam away perfectly, as does Opera 12, but if I try and install the newer Opera, it crashes the hard drive on installation or opening the program on any of the builds. It opens all programs also, except the Vivaldi installer, where absolutely nothing happens no matter how long I double click it. It opened before the repair (due to a non bootable hard drive) so it's got to be software related, but can't work out how to solve it..Help!!!

  • There could be a lot of possible involvements and causes. When you indicate that the "drive was reformatted back to the old 2006 factory settings", that leaves an enormous number of patches (and up to 3 service packs) unaccounted for, depending on who re-installed from the factory OS backup, how, and what they may (or may not) have done afterward. There are a host of OS settings and tweaks that may or may not have been put in place. There is the question of what AV is now installed (if any) and whether any "original" 2006-era AV on the system was properly uninstalled or appropriately updated to current versions. Were any limited user accounts set up, and if so, was it done properly; is UAC implemented, and proper file accessing applied? At the end of the day, the most efficient path - assuming it's open to you - would be to take the system back to the repairer and ask them directly to help get both new Opera and Vivaldi properly installed. They're different enough from one another that an install problem affecting both is fairly significant.

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    You were apparently on XP SP3 when your drive went south. You need to get back to that status, for the sake of security, if nothing else.

    Vivaldi does not run on XP. It runs on XP SP3.

  • @andyraisbeck:

    I've updated everything as best I can

    Lately You must install the latest version IE6 manuallly, and probably the updated root cerficates too, to get windows update working.

    Obviously, I'm talking about a Sp3 installation, if you aren't on sp3 you must install it before anything else.


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